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Men's Health over 50

For men over 50 Hernia/Pulled Groin Impotence Prevention, African-Thai Tantra Massage, Diabetes/HBP Prostate Health, African-Asiatic Massage Ejaculation/Erection Control, Anxiety/Depression, Penile Curvature/Peyronie's Disease, Pelvic Release Massage, Image Consulting, and Lymphatic Drainage. All to increase healthy relationships, total body performance and intimacy.


Disease Prevention/Stretch Therapist

Specializing in pelvic health and fitness for men over 50.

Educated and Member of:

Alameda County Urban Male Health Initiative, American Psychology Association Men's Health Division, Men's Health Network, American Sexologist Association, CCSF, CIIS, SFSI, Reproductive Health Professionals, and the World School of Advance Healing Arts






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